College of Administration & Economics About the College

About the College

Diyala University is one of Iraqi universities located in Diyala province east of Iraq about 60 Km from Baghdad. It established in 1999 containing 14 faculties in different fields. The study in Diyala University includes three programs: bachelor, master and doctorate.

 However, the faculty of   administration and economics in Diyala University established in 21/7/2009 which is consisting of two departments, statistics and economics. The college receives students of secondary school graduates in both branches, scientific and literary, and the College awarded a certificate of BSC in administration and economics.

 The administration and economics college is academic institution combines between education and training to upgrade scientific, leadership and behavior for students. Moreover, It taking into account the nature of reality and future prospects by ensuring high quality and academic support to help improve education in the different stages of education.